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Best Test Data Generator

Are you struggling or wasting time to generate test data for your application.? Don't worry Automyzz is the solution for your problem. Automyzz is the most advanced tool to generates different kinds of test data to test your application. Anyone can easily integrate these end-points with any client.



You can generate unlimited test data using any of the 34+ components. Powerful, unique test data generator for all the users who needs test data for their applications.

Generate Valid Test Data

You can generate valid test data for different components like phone, names etc.


Automyzz provides a way to customize your schema to download/fetch the proper test data into a file.

Test Environment

Automyzz provides a way to test the different end-points before integrating with your application.


Automyzz provides a rich documentation how to access the end-points from different clients.

Data Dump

Automyzz provides a way to dump the data directly to the customers cloud databases. Its an upcoming feature.

Synthetic Data Generator

Automyzz not only generates the traditional test data also generates synthetic data to secure the customers privacy.

Our Component Groups

We divided 34+ components into multiple groups based on the nature of the component.

Location Info
Automyzz generates location data and which contains City, Country, Street Address, Country Code, State, Postal Code, Latitude and Longitude.
Monetary Info
Automyzz generates monetary information and this category contains Bitcoin, Credit Card Numbers, Credit Card Type, Currency Name, IBAN.
Automyzz - Best Test Data Generator
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